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Forklift Transport Perth

Among the most underestimated skills in the towing service industry is forklift transportation. Although it is not the most typical practice, it’s occasionally necessary to transport a forklift so as to improve asset workflow, help during peak activity, or perform forklift movement tasks. 

Because forklifts are not classified as vehicles, they cannot be driven on public roads. A forklift must be transported in a safe and efficient manner. If you are not aware of how a forklift should be moved or need help moving one, you’ve come to the right place. 

Tow Now Pro is Perth’s leading forklift transport service company. For many years, we’ve been transporting forklifts all around Perth. We have industrial and commercial customers that come from a wide range of sectors, so no matter what kind of enterprise you run, we can help. If you need your forklift transferred to a new job site or from one warehouse to another, we are the company to call.

forklift transport perth

We Can Transport Your Forklift Safely

Forklifts are commonly found in industrial work sites and warehouses. A forklift’s purpose is to lift large things or materials and move them to a different location within that geographical area. There are many different applications that forklifts may provide.

As a business that is dedicated to offering forklift transport Perth, we have the required equipment to carry your forklift to your desired location. It is cost-effective for you to have Tow Now Pro do all the heavy lifting for you. When you request us to transport your forklift or move it, we always make sure to pay close attention to safety. 

Since we put safety first, we are able to see any potential hazards before loading your forklift onto a trailer and transporting it to a new site. We also make certain that your forklift reaches securely at its final location, allowing you to use it immediately. We also provide car towing, bobcat transport, vehicle recovery, and speciality vehicle towing services. 

A Team You Can Trust

We take great pleasure in providing excellent customer service. Our clientele from all around Perth has witnessed firsthand our dedication to customer satisfaction. They are aware that we are the city’s top towing business for offering towing services and transporting forklifts. 

We hire the most skilled and experienced personnel who are familiar with the transportation and operation of forklifts. We also offer tilt tray trucks that can securely transport a forklift from one point to another.

Moving a forklift involves three easy steps. The first step is loading the forklift onto the truck, the second step is moving the forklift to the specified location, and unloading the forklift at that location is the third step. 

Whenever they are moving forklifts, our drivers always respect the local regulations governing transportation safety. Understanding that your forklift is being handled by seasoned industry veterans will give you peace of mind during the entire operation.

Get the Best Forklift Transport Perth

Tow Now Pro, Perth, provides prompt, cost-effective, and trustworthy forklift transport services across Perth. It makes no difference how far we have to go in this region and surrounding suburbs to deliver your forklift. 

Our tilt tray towing professionals can load your forklift onto a tilt tray truck and transfer it to your stated destination effectively. You don’t have to stress out about any part of the process because we have it covered. 

You now realize why it is critical to engage a team of specialists to move your forklift, such as Tow Now Pro, Perth. It will ensure the safety of the forklift, your employees, as well as other road users. Give us a call for all your Perth forklift transport needs.


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Forklift Transport Perth