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Speciality Vehicle Towing

Any vehicle that is built to fulfill a professional purpose is referred to as a specialty vehicle. Specialty vehicles can be specially designed or adapted from an existing vehicle. One of the most well-known forms of specialized vehicles are ambulances. Do you have a specialty vehicle in Perth that needs to be moved from one location to another? Speciality vehicle towing sometimes need specialized equipment and expertise.

Tow Now Pro, Perth offers the necessary transportation equipment to transport speciality vehicles from delivery ports to showrooms across the Perth area. To avoid any unwanted movements, all cars are firmly secured in place and roped down. We can move and tow speciality vehicles with simplicity and efficiency from one location to another.

Speciality Vehicle Towing

Speciality Vehicle Towing Made Easy

We provide the mobility and security that your vehicle demands, whether you need anything hauled nearby or over a lengthy distance. We are not only Perth’s best specialist towing business, but we are also prompt and effective. 

We come on time, load your speciality vehicle, and bring it to the new site on time and in great shape. We have reliable and professional tow truck operators, and you can rest easy knowing your vehicle will be taken to its destination successfully. 

Our towing trucks have  the necessary equipment to transport cars of all sizes and weights from one residential or business location to another. Transferring a speciality vehicle for maintenance, or transferring forklifts from one industrial location to another, are examples of this. 

Tow Now Pro provides the most affordable speciality vehicle towing services in Perth, and we are capable of providing quality service. There are no hidden fees or extras if your specialty vehicle has broken down and you need towing to a repair shop. We also offer vehicle recovery, car towing, bobcat transport, and forklift transport services. 

Towing Right When You Need It

It’s impossible to predict when your specialty vehicle will cease operating on the highway. We understand how difficult dealing with a broken vehicle at an inconvenient time may be. As a result, we provide speciality vehicle towing services to all residents of Perth. 

Simply tell us where your vehicle has broken down and what kind of specialty vehicle you’re driving. We’ll dispatch towing operators to your area and have you back on the road in no time. At Tow Now Pro, you have a variety of towing alternatives. We have  tow trucks in a variety of sizes and styles. 

In all Perth suburbs, we have a diversified fleet of tilt tray tow trucks to ensure that you specialty vehicle is carefully placed and transported to your destination of choice. When you hire Tow Now Pro, you can be certain that your vehicle will be transported securely and properly to its designated location each and every time. You will always be assisted by a skilled towing operator that is up to date on the newest truck towing knowledge and competencies.

Get the Best Speciality Vehicle Towing Service in Perth

Tow Now Pro makes moving uncommon vehicles that are distinctive in shape, are large, or have special functions a simple task. We are one of the topmost dependable tow truck service providers in Perth. Our tow trucks can move anything from a boat, vehicle carriers, to heavy-duty machinery. 

Are you ready to choose Perth’s best towing service when you have an odd or distinctive towing necessity? Give us a call if you need speciality vehicle towing services or if you’d like a quotation. You can speak with one of our specialist towing experts about your towing needs and set up a towing plan that works with your availability.


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We take pride in providing the finest possible client service. Tow Now Pro has established relationships with a number of large and small businesses that rely on our Towing services on a daily basis. We are pleased to provide our assistance in any manner we can to anyone who needs it.

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