Dealing with unforeseen automotive problems on the road is, to say the least, unpleasant. Even worse, car breakdowns frequently occur at the most inconvenient times. In such cases, it’s always a good idea to contact a reputable towing company for towing service that will have you back on the road promptly. 

Although it is tempting to phone the first towing company that pops up on the internet, it is worth it to spend some time considering questions to ask before making the call. When your car has broken down or you need some roadside assistance, you want to connect with a certified service provider who can get you back on the road as quickly and effectively as possible.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the towing service to book:

  • The services offered

Not all companies that provide towing and road assistance services are the same. The majority of them have heavy transportation as a specialty, while some concentrate on offering roadside help. This is why you need to find out exactly what services the company offers before you book their towing services. You don’t need to contact a company that does not offer the services you require. Prior to actually hiring a towing service company, make sure you understand their scope of service. Tow Now Pro is a reliable towing service in Perth that also offers roadside assistance and emergency towing services. 

  • The service cost

Among the most important factors to consider before choosing a towing service provider is the cost of their services. Ensure the firm is completely transparent on the phone regarding their rates, and also any additional expenses you might have to pay. After you have agreed to pay with the service provider, check your credit card benefits to find out if you have access to towing and roadside assistance services. This will help you save costs when paying for the service. You can also compare costs to determine where you will get the best value. 

  • Emergency support services

In most circumstances, you will require the services of a car towing business in an emergency. If something goes wrong on the road, and you need it fixed right away, a professional vehicle towing service can be helpful. As a result, the towing company you use must be quick and prepared to respond to an emergency. If a business does not react to your emergency calls, then you should not be considering them for towing services. Other than offering a towing service in Perth, Tow Now Pro also has emergency support services. 

  • Licensing and Accreditation

A vehicle towing business cannot be managed by just anyone. Towed vehicles have to pass on the highway alongside dozens of other vehicles going at high speeds. This is why all truck drivers towing your car have to be skilled professionals with valid towing certifications and driver’s licenses. You wouldn’t want your vehicle to endanger other drivers when being towed. When you get a professional towing service that is licensed and has the experience, your damaged vehicle will be towed to the workshop quickly and effectively.

  • The business reputation

After having a car breakdown, spend some time researching the reputation of local service providers. Getting a towing service provider with a superb reputation will guarantee that you get a good experience as compared to hiring one with a sketchy record. Avoid any businesses that have a history of scamming people or providing low-quality services. You can get this kind of information by looking at online reviews about the towing service.  You can choose the best option by visiting several review sites.

  • Appropriate insurance

When considering a towing service provider, you need to ensure that you hire a towing service that has the necessary insurance. You should also ensure that they can compensate you in case of any damages that occur when transporting your car. This is critical if you do not want to be held liable for unforeseen damages that occur between the time your car is hauled on the truck to the time it is delivered to your destination of choice. 

  • The types of tow trucks available

The right tow truck enables a tow truck operator to safely tow any kind of car without damaging the vehicle being towed. The most popular types of tow trucks include a hydraulic flatbed, an integrated tow truck, a hook and chain, and a wheel lift. A hydraulic flatbed is a type of flatbed that is powered by hydraulics. To load a car onto the flatbed, a hydraulic ramp is used. 

Towing Service

An integrated tow truck includes additional axles and is intended especially for heavy-duty trucks. Chain and hook is a towing method, which is mostly used for destroyed cars, employs a hook and chain to tow the vehicle. Using a wheel hoist involves the use of specialized equipment to fasten the car by the front or rear drive wheels. Even though tow truck operators know which truck to use, it is good to also know what is required. 

Get a professional towing service in Perth

Ultimately, there’s a lot to consider when looking for the best towing service to choose. Picking a tow service can sometimes be challenging given the high-stress levels you will be experiencing after a car breakdown. 

As a result, take time researching your alternatives. You should be able to find the best one to hire for the task. Tow Now Pro is a reliable and reasonable towing service in Perth. We have all it takes to tow your vehicle quickly and safely. Give us a call today.