Anyone who owns a car will need to get the services of a tow truck at one point or another to get the car towed. Even though the towing process is inconvenient, the availability of this service makes things a whole lot easier. An unexpected car breakdown or a car accident may be some of the reasons why you may require towing. Professional towing is also an excellent way to transport your car when you are relocating. 

The majority of tow truck drivers are reputable professionals, but there are also those on the lookout for opportunities to take advantage of people that are still rattled up from the situation. Nonetheless, the good thing is that there are some basic actions you can take to avoid experiencing problems when having your car towed. Whatever the reason for having your automobile towed, here are several things you should do to get ready.

Know if you need to get your car towed

  • Determine whether your car needs towing

Once you are involved in a car accident or when your car stops moving, your first instinct may probably be to contact a towing company and get the vehicle to a garage or repair shop as quickly as possible. However, you can simply get back on the road by requesting roadside assistance rather than a towing service.

It is important to know, however, that certain roadside assistance providers don’t offer towing services following an accident. This is why you should ensure that you specify your circumstances and requirements. At Tow Now Pro, we offer towing services in Perth to get your car towed as well as speedy and efficient roadside assistance.

  • Contact Your Automobile Insurance Providers

Even when it’s after hours, contacting your auto insurance company is a good idea to notify them about your current situation. The insurance company will be able to inform you exactly what you’ll do as well as what method you ought to follow to secure the safety of your vehicle. If you are unable to contact your insurance provider immediately, you can still have your automobile transported securely. Tows are probably covered under your policy. If not, they may propose an affordable towing service to get your car towed for you to contact.

  • Take valuable items out of the car

As you are ready to get your car towed, you should grab all of your personal belongings and take them out of the vehicle. Doing this guarantees that you do not lose or damage anything in transit. Most tow truck firms state unequivocally that they are not responsible for misplaced or lost items. Remove anything valuable from your car during the towing procedure to be safe. 

  • Take photos of the accident scene and your vehicle

Take photos of your car before the tow truck arrives. The reason for doing this is that the photos will be useful in case of any damage. Scratches and dents can occur while loading your vehicle into the tow truck and the photos will be evidence of this. It also helps you claim for damages in case the two operators damage your vehicle. The photos will also be of use when you are filling out an insurance claim. 

  • Close windows

Although it may seem insignificant, shutting all of your windows is critical. Closing your car windows prevents dirt before getting your car towed and debris from entering during transit. Closing your windows will also keep out thieves from your car while it is being towed. You wouldn’t want your car to be left exposed and vulnerable as it is being moved.

  • Disengage the emergency brake

As your car is being hauled onto the tow truck, the emergency brake must be disengaged. A respectable towing company will ensure that your emergency brake is off because if it’s not, it can cause damage. Disengaging your emergency brake is particularly crucial if you’re parking your vehicle on the roadside for the towing firm to come and get it later. 

  • Confirm that the tow truck that arrives is the one you called

You need to verify the towing operator who arrives at your location. This is because many local tow truck representatives are normally waiting on the roadside for the opportunity to try to grab new business. Even when your car is not all that broken down and only requires roadside assistance, they might still insist that they two the car. You can prevent this from happening by getting the necessary details from the towing firm. This means that you can verify whether the tow truck that arrives at your location is the one that you called. 

Car Towed
  • Carefully read and sign the paperwork

When tow truck drivers come to your location, they must offer you a detailed invoice and a contract with all the details. This lets you know exactly how much you’ll have to pay for the towing services to the destination of your choice. Don’t ever sign a contract unless it specifies where your car will be towed and what you’re paying for. Keep the paperwork for future reference.

Get professional towing services

Having to have your vehicle towed can be a frustrating experience, but you should take the necessary precautions to make sure that the procedure goes as smoothly as possible. This decreases the possibility of injury or misunderstanding. Follow the tips provided above the next time you need to prepare for a tow. If you are looking for a towing service in Perth, Tow Now Pro has you covered. We are a professional towing service provider with experience in the industry. Give us a call today.