A car accident can be a terrible situation. You need to look after many things, such as informing the insurance provider about the wreck car and car crash, seeking medical assistance, and making an effort to safeguard your rights. You also need to shift the car to a safe place so that no other accidents occur further. Besides, the police will most likely recommend you for calling a towing service provider.

In-car accidents, the user has no other choice except for calling a towing service provider. You may have no control of where it is being taken, and you may have to tow the damaged car again from an unknown facility to a garage. Generally, the storage fee is counted for each day your car remains in the storage. For this reason, the cost of towing the vehicle can exceed thousands of dollars. 

Don’t Move Your Vehicle or Wreck Car

After the car has been damaged and before the towing arrives, it is essential to click photos of your wrecked car along with the street signs nearby, traffic conditions, and damaged signs of both vehicles. If you firmly believe that the cause of the accident was another driver’s fault, you can treat it as strong evidence and show it to the insurance provider. And pictures can be great evidence and can help you to get your claim. After taking the pictures, you should allow your car to be moved.

Where Was Your Vehicle Shifted?

There are two possible ways through which the vehicle can be towed away. Firstly, the vehicle driver asks for towing the truck to shift the vehicle away from the accident zone, where it can be picked up later for doing the necessary repairs. In a second way, the police at the scene order your car to be towed.

If you call a towing company, you should ask them for the address and data of the stored car. If your vehicle is towed away because of the order of the police officer, then you have to call the city police to avail the information of the towed car. It might happen that you don’t know where your car has been transported away since you were taken to a medical facility. During such time, contacting a police department can help you to decide your next step.

What If You Are Unable To Pay Storage Fee?

If you cannot pay the required towing charges, you won’t be able to release your car from them. Apart from that, it is against the law. In such cases, if you can’t afford to pay the towing bill, then the towing company may list your wreck car in the auction. However, you do not have to get panic since it is done after many weeks. They do not make this decision overnight. Therefore, it is essential to clear your towing fees than losing your car or finding your car missing from the compound.

Negotiating Your Towing Fees

It is essential to bear in mind that any fees related to the car have nothing to do with personal injury or the amount of damage that your car has experienced. In other words, if you get the money from the insurance company against your vehicle damage for the body repair, then you would put that money into the towing company account.

This is why it is essential to document or record the license plate numbers, license numbers, and other data used to track the other driver. Without identifying the person or what their insurance is, you may have to continue facing expenses for the car damage that is not your fault at all. Is it quite an unfair situation, right?  However, getting the other personal information and a copy of the police report will benefit in many ways. And you do not have to thousand of dollars behind your wreck car.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to cut down the towing fees. If you find that you are being charged unreasonably more, you must fight for the towing charge. However, you need to make sure that you should not create any controversy. In the majority of the state, there is a law for towing fees. You need to know whether the towing law applies in your state before you get trapped in any dispute.

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